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Climate Change

Classroom learning

First of all, we start with the unit 9 which talks about the mind and if we have good or bad memory. We talked about when we were kids we liked the game, friends, toys, music, kindergarten, and the school where we studied.

Then we talked about climate change, and aim that are alterations of the factors that characterize the climate as a result of human action, and promoting global warming.

We continue with the unit 10 which is about your health and the parts of the body which constantly suffer any pain. Also we learned how is called each part of the body.

We did an activity about health problems. I chose h1h1 flu which is an acute respiratory infection, it also is a highly contagious disease caused by a new virus or influence.

And finally we talked and we had a task on the day of Halloween. That is a holiday celebrated mainly in the U.S. on the night of October 31.

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